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tic Medizintechnik - functional diagnostic

A well-devised overall concept for urology, gynaecology and proctology

Functional diagnostics, pelvic floor therapy/incontinence therapy, impotence therapy and rehabilitation from a single source

In an ongoing dialogue with users and in close collaboration with specialists, research institutes and university clinics, tic Medizintechnik GmbH & Co. KG develops sophisticated solutions for urological, gynaecological and coloproctological doctors in the fields of functional diagnostics, pelvic floor therapy and impotence therapy.

Our diagnostic and therapeutic devices enjoy an excellent reputation so they are used in registered practices, hospitals, private clinics, leading university hospitals and renowned research centres. In product development the topic of "safety" constitutes our number one priority, with which we never lose touch. Also, the user-friendliness, ergonomics and especially the performance capability of our functional diagnostics, pelvic floor / incontinence therapy and impotence therapy systems are highly appreciated by our customers all over the world.

From the urodynamic measuring system to the home therapy system - with their breadth of diversity our products cover the fields of functional diagnostics, pelvic floor / incontinence therapy, impotence therapy, pain therapy and rehabilitation on a single-source basis. In addition, with a multifaceted customised product portfolio for the treatment and diagnosis of different types of incontinence tic Medizintechnik remains true to its reputation as an innovative specialist in the conservative approach to incontinence therapy.

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