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tic Medizintechnik - Impotenztherapie

Effective treatment of erectile dysfunction

Vacuum pumps enhance restoration of erectile function

At ages between 40 and 70 approximately 52% of men sometimes have erection problems. 9.6% of men constantly suffer from erection disorders. Alcohol abuse, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, vascular diseases, prostate disorders (including prostate surgery), hormonal and psychological disorders, Alzheimer's disease and high nicotine consumption constitute risk factors for erectile dysfunction.

Mode of action of vacuum pumps
An electrically or manually operated vacuum pump creates a partial vacuum in a plastic cylinder. This plastic cylinder is first of all slipped over the penis and then the pumping action starts. The resulting vacuum causes blood to flow into the cavernous bodies.
This counteracts chronic hypoxia (oxygen supply deficiency), and the associated consequences, such as irreversible tissue damage (fibrosis), shrinkage processes affecting circumference and length, and reduced rigidity (stiffness) of the penis.
The most recent findings even suggest that vacuum therapy also has a positive impact on synaptic facilitation in the region of neural lesions. These approaches point to the possibility of complete re-convalescence if a vacuum pump is used.
Penis rigidity can be maintained by first applying an erection ring to the bottom of the cylinder and then transferring it to the root of the penis. An erection ring prevents venous drainage of blood; the ring can remain on the shaft of the penis for up to 30 minutes.